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So, you’re interested in learning more about Soul Essentials, and me!

From my roots in California to moving to Amsterdam and beyond, my journey has definitely changed my perception of the world.

Soul Essentials is part of my evolution into the person I am today. For many years, I worked as a personal trainer and fitness instructor, but realised very soon that a healthy body isn’t only created with just a lot of exercise and training. I had been in 5 car accidents and I literally felt in my bones I needed a more holistic (well rounded) way to approach things, so I expanded my horizons in search for physical, mental, spiritual and emotional balance. I needed to go through some intense personal development, and deep dive into myself to discover more.

“It’s essential to take care of yourself in body, mind and soul.”

I began to study yoga, and cranial sacral therapy, and from here I specialized in Neuro-Linguistic programming, and family and systemic constellations. This really gave me a clear direction on what I needed to do, and so became a holistic therapist and coach.

In the beginning

Massage therapy was something I’d done on and off again more than for than 3 decades. It was an income along with personal and group training. Back in the day, essential oils were used frequently, but to be honest, I only bought them for the smells. I never knew much about the quality of essential oils or therapeutic values. Essential oils can be toxic, and soon I wasn’t able to use any oils in my practice, and had to give up giving massage and aerobic classes because I was so miserable.

It was a couple years later the oils I use now found me, and in the beginning, I had no idea of the gift I had received. It was through the gentle guidance of a very knowledgeable oil expert that convinced me to use the oils. Very soon I realized that these were far different from anything I’d experienced before. They worked and I needed to learn more.

The more I learned the more I knew I needed to share.

A holistic approach

I want my legacy to be that I while I was here on earth I helped empower as many women to find their passion and live their wildest dreams.

I believe a holistic approach to coaching resonates with women, and enables them to lead their own change and transform their lives.

Writers who inspire me: Tony Robbins, Brene Brown, Deepak Chopra, Louise Hays, Christine Northrup, Bert Hellinger

Are you curious? Do you want some clarity? Want to talk about how we can work together?

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