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Switching to Green Cleaning: Natural Anti-Mildew Bathroom Cleaner

You might relate to this.

I want my home to be clean, but cleaning itself is FAR from my hobby. In fact, my bathroom was always the place that I hated cleaning most. I have super poor ventilation in there and keeping it clean without mildew growing all over the place requires upkeep.

Upkeep that I’d rather not do…

Since swapping toxic cleaning ingredients for green cleaners I’ve found some great tricks to keep my home clean with minimum effort required and this easy bathroom cleaner is one of them!

What is Green Cleaning?

Simply put, green cleaning means using cleaning products and practices that are safe for us, our loved ones, and our planet.

The easiest way to determine which products are safe to use is to access resources provided by consumer watchdog groups like the Environmental Working Group. I aim to only use ingredients and products that have an A or B rating.

If you haven’t yet, read my Beginners Guide to Green Cleaning, where I explain everything you need to know about green cleaning.

Green Cleaning Effectively

Using effective green cleaning tools in combination with eco-friendly and effective cleaners will ensure a squeaky clean home in no time!

Making your own cleaners can be the greenest option because you can control the ingredients. This way you can ensure they are safe and eco-friendly, while also being cost-effective and time-efficient!

But most green cleaners fail because they use the wrong ingredients for the task or the wrong combinations.

Some mixtures combine ingredients that neutralize their cleaning effect while others create chemicals reactions that make an even bigger mess or become dangerous.

To Green Clean Effectively You Need To Know:

  • Which eco-friendly cleaning tools will make your life easier
  • Which ingredients are safe and eco-friendly
  • How to use natural cleaning ingredients
  • Which ingredient combinations to NEVER mix
  • Which cleaning combinations are effective for certain tasks

If you want to start off on the right foot, check out my FREE ebook: green cleaning for beginners!


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Natural Bathroom Cleaner Ingredients

These are my favorite natural ingredients to make an effective glass & mirror cleaner.

Baking Soda

Baking Soda, also known as sodium bicarbonate, is one of the most incredible ingredients to clean your home and even safe to eat.

Use for: Removing dirt, grease, grime, and odors.

Ingredient Caution: Unless you want to waste money, never combine baking soda and vinegar (they neutralize each other).

Castile Soap

Unscented Castile Soap is a concentrated vegetable-based soap that is great at cleaning and gentle on the skin. Bars and liquid are amazing for different uses.

Use for: Castile soap is used to clean just about anything: from hands to laundry!

Ingredient Caution: Castile soap should never be combined with vinegar and I would not recommend washing your hair with it.

White Vinegar

Although the smell can be pungent at first, natural white vinegar is a staple in a green and natural home’s cleaning toolkit.

Use for: Disinfecting, eliminating odors, and removing dirt, stains, mold, and mildew.

Ingredient Caution: Vinegar can’t be used on every surface (like marble and granite). It should also never be combined with baking soda, castile soap or hydrogen peroxide.


Weird choice right? But pure unscented vodka (ethanol) is a great green cleaning tool and has virtually no smell.

Use for: disinfecting surfaces, make all natural air freshener spray and DIY window/mirror cleaner!

Tip: Any cheap pure vodka will do the trick!

Hydrogen Peroxide

Hydrogen peroxide might sound a little scary but break down harmlessly into water and oxygen.

Use for: a great natural alternative to bleach to brighten fabric and lighten tough stains. I also use it in my all-purpose bathroom cleaning scrub.

Ingredient caution: Never combine hydrogen peroxide and vinegar. This creates peracetic acid which is highly corrosive and can cause lung damage.

Essential Oils

Pure essential oils are the best secret weapon in green cleaning with antibacterial, antiviral, antifungal, degreasing and deodorizing properties.

Use for: natural fragrance, killing microbes, cleaning surfaces, sticky spots, and more. My favorites for cleaning are lavender, melaleuca (tea tree), lemon, oregano, and clove, amongst others.

Ingredient Caution: Fragrance oils are not the same as essential oils, and are often synthetic, unsustainably made and carry all sorts of additives. In case you’re curious, I have chosen to use this brand.

Glass (Spray) Containers

You’ll need a few glass spray bottles to DIY a few effective cleaners. Although this picture doesn’t do them justice, in addition to being durable and eco-friendly, these from Kuishi are gorgeous too!

Storage bottles or mason jars are super convenient for safekeeping dry products like natural carpet deodorizer or even natural dry shampoo.

Scrub Brush

For any brushes, I tend to go Redecker. You name it and they probably have it! They are natural, practical, long-lasting and beautiful.

I use all sorts from dishwashing brushes, scrubbing brushes, bottle brushes to their toilet brush.

Microfiber Cloths

Microfiber cloths make cleaning while minimizing the need for harsh chemicals! Use them dry to dust surfaces or remove streaks and grease from stainless steel.

When used wet, together with an all-purpose cleaner or bathroom cleaner, it will make disinfecting and scrubbing quick and easy. They’re also inexpensive, reusable and long-lasting if you refrain from washing them with fabric softener or chlorine bleach.

Natural Anti-Mildew Bathroom Cleaner DIY

This cleaner combination can clean your entire bathroom of odors, grime and mildew including showers, toilets, tubs, sinks, tiles and grout with three simple ingredients. You can also make it extra strong with one simple trick.

Natural Bathroom Cleaning Spray

In a 500mL glass spray bottle add:

Simply shake before each use and spray down the areas of the bathroom that need cleaning, scrub and rinse well. If you want some extra-strength to brighten and disinfect the area also, grab:

  • Hydrogen Peroxide

Warning: Don’t mix your cleaning spray with hydrogen peroxide as it loses it’s effectiveness this way. Use separate from each other for the best results.


Mildew Spray

I like having this spray by my shower to use multiple times a week to prevent mildew from growing.

In a 300mL glass spray bottle mix:

  • Vodka (150mL)
  • White Vinegar (50mL)
  • Melaleuca Essential Oil (30 drops)
  • Water (100mL)

Simply spritz your shower all over after using it, let sit for 20 minutes and wipe down. Shake before each use.

The Last Thing You Need to Know about Natural Bathroom Cleaners

You do not need a ton of different products and by using a few simple ingredients you can reduce the number of harmful substances that you’re exposed to. In fact, this bathroom cleaner is excellent to use for your toilet, shower, oven, on stains, and much more.

Green cleaning is one of the best decisions you can make for yourself and the environment and doesn’t have to be any harder than cleaning with harmful chemicals. In fact, with safe and effective ingredients and the right green cleaning tools, you’ll be able to save not only time but also money.

Start with a few simple recipes today by grabbing my green cleaning crash course for free!

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